Sunday, April 21, 2013

LEGO guy backpack ~ Birthday Party Activity~ under $2 per guest!

My son Thomas is a LEGO fanatic so naturally he picked LEGO as the theme for his 8th birthday party.  As the party activity, he and his friends made LEGO guy backpacks which could also double as a LEGO storage bag.  The boys used their creative juices to create a LEGO guy as distinct as they are.

Here is what you'll need to create these one of a kind LEGO storage bags:

Drawstring Backpacks (I bought mine from Dollar Tree)
Yellow Felt
LEGO guy template (I googled "LEGO guy template" and a bunch came up)
E~6000 glue
Tacky glue
black felt
white puff paint

First I cut out all the LEGO guy heads using the yellow felt

Then I cut eyes that were 1" circles from the black felt

Put a dot of white puff paint in the upper edge of the eye.

Cut small strips of black felt to be used as the mouth and/or eyebrows 

using the E~ 6000 glue, glue the yellow felt LEGO guy heads to the backpack.  I found that the E~6000 glue works the best to bind the felt to the backpack.  

When the party guests are ready to create their LEGO guy backpack, give them the tacky glue to glue their mouth and eyebrows to the LEGO guy head.  

Here is my 2 year old daughter's LEGO guy LOL...

and some of our guests creations

The boys had a blast creating their very own LEGO guy backpack.  And at less then $2 each backpack, it was a very cost effective party activity!  Let me know how yours turned out by commenting below...