Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tinkerbell Party Favor Idea ~ Fairy Finding Kit

Throwing a Tinkerbell themed party for your little girl?  Make Fairy Finding Kits!  This inexpensive party favor idea is perfect for a fairy party.   It could also be used as part of the party activity.  How cute would it be to hide little fairy dolls or statues in your garden and have your party guests go on a fairy hunt?  Adorable!    

Everything you see here was purchased at the Dollar Tree.  
Here is what you'll need:

Pencil case $1
Flashlight $1
Field Journal (mini notebook) 3 for $1
Magnifying Glass party favor pack 6 for $1
Tinkerbell Pencils 3 for $1

You'll also need:
paint pen 
"Fairy Finding Kit" template made on MS Word using Kristen ITC font set to size 48.  If you have a nice handwriting you can free hand it.  Mine stinks so I need a template.

Tape the template onto the cover of the pencil case and trace the lettering with the paint pen.

I love that the pencil case has a leaf shape on the lid which goes perfectly with the fairy theme.  I traced the "leaf" outline using a green paint pen so it pops.  

That's it!  
Fill it up with all the "fairy finding" goodies!  You could also include fairy stickers, crayons, and a granola bar (searching for fairies can make a girl hungry!).

The total for each party favor is about $2.83!!

Please comment below if you like this idea for your little girl's fairy party.