Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minnie Mouse Inspired Sneakers

Minnie Mouse Inspired Sneakers

Like I said in my "welcome" post,  my family is Disney World obsessed!  I LOVE creating unique items for my kids to wear to the theme parks.  These sneakers, that I made for my 2 year old daughter, Lilianna, seemed to catch everyone's eye... especially Disney cast members.  For me, when a cast member asked about them it was the greatest compliment! They see some of the best Disney inspired creations on the planet!

What you'll need:

Pair of canvas sneakers ~ I bought mine at Walmart for $5

Swarovski crystal stones  ~ I used size 16ss but you can use whatever size you have on hand

Mickey head template ~ I have a Mickey head paper punch but you can find Mickey head templates online like this one from Milliepie's Musings 

E-6000 glue 

1/8" Red Ribbon (for Minnie sneakers only)

a jewel setter tool (with a wax tip so stones can stick to it for easy placement)

a pencil and a scissor 

Let's get started!  First you trace the Mickey/Minnie head with a pencil wherever you want the Minnie head:

Next, in small sections use the E-6000 to glue the stones to the sneaker using the Mickey/Minnie head as your guide.  Use the jewel setter tool to help with placement of the stones.  You'll have to move the stones around to get the shape you want.  The glue doesn't dry right away which is helpful when shaping your Mickey/Minnie head.  The jewel setter tool has wax on the top so you'll notice that the stones have a waxy film on them which easily wipes off when the glue is completely dry.  

Once you have your Mickey/Minnie head is filled in completely with the stones, let dry for about 20 minutes .  

If you are making Mickey sneakers, you're done!!  

If making Minnie sneakers, take the 1/8" ribbon and make two small bows.  Make sure they are the same size.  

Now you are going to glue the bows to Minnie's head.  And there you have it!  

How adorable?!

I added yellow curly laces and red with white polka dot shoe bows but you can personalize how ever you like.  Here are some different options:

I bought these "shoe bows" on Etsy.  They are just repurposed hair bows.

I bought these yellow curly laces on Etsy also.

Lilianna with Mickey!

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